“Christians Are Terrorists!”

“Christians Are Terrorists!” This is another Warning Letter. You will see this announcement in the near future. Have you heard of the Terror Watch List? Since 911 and the Patriot Act, the term terrorist has now turned inward to include “Domestic Terrorists.” This has been the intention and plot all along, to eliminate anyone who opposes the New World Order and the coming Anti-Christ dictator.

We are closing in fast to a “Police State” already under the dictatorship of the New World Order. This is all Prophesied in the Bible. We can not stop it. BUT, we can prepare our families and friends for the imminent return of Jesus.

New World Order will dominate everyone eventually. They will implement the “Mark of the Beast” for every human being and kill those who do not receive it, branding them as terrorists. Their plan is to eradicate any and all people, organizations and nations who oppose the coming Anti-Christ dictator as ruler and god.

Keep your ears open, your eyes looking and a sober mind. We may have to suffer some before Christ returns. Many will be killed for their faith. Study the materials and pray for wisdom. Jesus is coming soon.