This is true even if you don't believe it

My purpose is to warn and prepare you for what is about to happen in this world. Life as we know it is about to change drastically. Many people have no idea what is about to happen. The world, as we currently know it, will not be the same anymore. Everything from politics, the economy, our society, to religion and our basic living conditions will be flipped upside down very soon. Please research this NEW INFORMATION now.

The World Leaders have been meticulously planning and working secretly towards the New World Order for many generations. The last few presidents have been rapidly disolving our constitutional rights and tightening the inevitable fascist grip around our necks. They are simply waiting for the perfect timing to implement Martial Law and force the totalitarian New World Order.

The Laws and Programs already in place are just waiting to be implemented: NDAA, Homland Security,
Patriot Act, Agenda 21 and many other cleverly passed plans will allow them to completely enslave us.

The United States Constitution is nearly devoured already. They now have power to invade our homes without a warrant and arrest and detain us indefinitely without due process. Under the new unbelievably vague definition of "Domestic Terrorist" anyone in the USA can now nicely fit into one of the new categories, especially us Christians. America is quickly turning into a communist nation. Say goodbye to our normal way of life. If you don't believe me simply research this yourself.

They have plans to reduce the world's population with controlled viral outbreaks which they alone have the vaccines for. They control the
all the world's wealth, energy resources, food supplies and have built underground bunkers already prepared for themselves. FEMA is prepared for a massive amounts of dead bodies. These planned catastrophes include the use of H.A.A.R.P. technology to create natural disasters, destroy crops and all marine life.

You will also see a World Dictator arise to control the world. At first, He will come in peace and miraculously solve all of the whole world's problems. He will get Israel and all af her enemies to sign a seven years peace treaty. He will eventually force everyone to receive a “Mark,” A.K.A. RFID Bio-Chip Implant, on there right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell and to function normally in society. All monetary transactions will then be electroniclly conducted. This will be the notorious “Mark of the Beast.” He will brand anyone and everyone a terrorist, especially Christians, who do not submit to his Authority. Many of us are already on the Government's "Watch List."

Also, you will see an increase in earthquakes and many other natural disasters, biological outbreaks, food shortages and famines, dying animals and fish, population control, collapse of the Dollar and economy, social unrest and increased riots, loss of American Civil Liberties, Marshal Law and many other signs.

Everything in the Book of Revelation is unfolding right before our eyes.
Just before Jesus returns to set up his Kingdom He pours out the Harshes Judgments the world has ever seen. This is the "Great Tribulation." We have been pre-warned concerning all these things, yet many still refuse to open their eyes and accept this stunning prophetic reality.

Christ is about to appear as he promised for those who are ready and waiting. He will remove his faithful believers just before He pours out the worst of the judgments. This is called "The Rapture." You will witness millions of people vanish off the face of the earth. They will try to explain this event with the well known Alien Delusion or possibly some kind of evolutionary consequence.

Finally, there is hope for all of us. For those who have not trusted in Christ yet, now would be a good time to consider God’s free gift of
Eternal Life, before the worst of the judgments comes. You can escape this corrupt and dying "Generation." You can discover the TRUTH and be saved from God's wrath which is finally coming to the wicked. Many will be deceived by false religions and have no idea how to really be saved. Please research this information for you and your families before it is too late. Share this Web Site with everyone you know.

Please, research all this yourself and spread the word.

I know this all sounds to unbelievable to be true, but it is all very true, indeed. Study the facts. I hope you take this seriously and open your eyes and heart. Come live with us in the New World and Kingdom of God that has been prepared for us who are faithful to the True and Living GOD, Jesus.

Peace to you all.

Killing Christians- Hatred of Christianity

Government says Christians are terrorist

Fema Orders Shackles and Guillotines

Burning Christians Alive- Graffic:

Decapitating Christians:
Guillotines on Millatary Bases
Purpose for Guillotines

Christians Beheaded:

Footage of Beheadings Rev. 13:7; Rev. 20:4

Guillotines on US soil (LONG VIDEO)

Muslims killed for faith in Christ

Arrested for reading the Bible

“Christians Are Terrorists!”

“Christians Are Terrorists!” This is another Warning Letter. You will see this announcement in the near future. Have you heard of the Terror Watch List? Since 911 and the Patriot Act, the term terrorist has now turned inward to include “Domestic Terrorists.” This has been the intention and plot all along, to eliminate anyone who opposes the New World Order and the coming Anti-Christ dictator.

We are closing in fast to a “Police State” already under the dictatorship of the New World Order. This is all Prophesied in the Bible. We can not stop it. BUT, we can prepare our families and friends for the imminent return of Jesus.

New World Order will dominate everyone eventually. They will implement the “Mark of the Beast” for every human being and kill those who do not receive it, branding them as terrorists. Their plan is to eradicate any and all people, organizations and nations who oppose the coming Anti-Christ dictator as ruler and god.

Keep your ears open, your eyes looking and a sober mind. We may have to suffer some before Christ returns. Many will be killed for their faith. Study the materials and pray for wisdom. Jesus is coming soon.